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We will Help you avoid the Unpleasant Surprise Expenses that could be found after moving into a new home! 

We want you to feel informed in your purchasing decision. If you would like to be at the inspection and follow along with our inspectors that's Great. We would love to have you there to see how the inspection process works first hand.   Also We don't rush the wrap up at the end of the inspection; we take the time to explain everything.

We provide a thorough inspection.We know detail is important to you! We will report on every deficiency we can find from Loose outlets to Air conditioners and heaters not working properly! 

We provide a concise report that details the current condition of the property.  We write a report that is respectful of your time! We will not overload our reports with Boilerplate filler comments or Canned Comments that waist your time reading them.


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Knowing the condition of the property you are considering investing in can help you make an informed purchase decision.


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Let us help you by making your New home purchase less stressful!

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Let us be your 3rd party advocate, when you are building a new home.

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