Phase 1:

Inspecting the reinforcement and plumbing components of the foundation prior to pouring the slab. The post tension cables and rebar reinforcement is checked to make sure it is installed properly and placed correctly. The plumbing lines are checked to make sure they are installed correctly. The corners of the slab are checked to make sure the forms are square. The slab thickness at the beams and the pads is also checked.

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11th Month Warranty Inspections:

You have a home that is almost a year old and your New Home Warranty is about to expire. It's a good idea to have your home professionally inspected before the warranty expires.

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Phase III:

At phase 3 we perform a full home inspection. We inspect structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. The IR camera is used at this time as an additional check of the Heating & AC system(s) and to see if there are any overheating problems inside the electrical panel.

Phase II:

Pre-Insulation / Pre-Brick; We check the framing of the home for proper load path distribution and make sure the framing is per the plans and done in accordance with best building practices. We check the electrical service box for proper grounding and installation. The plumbing lines & wiring are inspected for proper protection when passing through the framing members. The accessible roof covering is inspected for proper flashing and installation. We also check the sheathing installation to make sure a proper drainage plane is maintained

Bill Sallade, Certified Professional Real Estate Inspector Lic# 10276