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Elevation Surveys

Home inspections in Parker County,                      Wise County & Denton County

We perform Home Inspections all around Parker County, Denton County, Wise County and Johnson County.

Is the home you are buying missing insulation?  Would you like to know?

Let us perform an IR (infrared) insulation scan for you so You can see Visually those areas of your home where insulation may be absent or pulled away from the wall or ceiling cavity!

A thorough Property Condition Evaluation inspection and report on the foundation, structural components, the roof condition & the mechanical systems (HVAC,  plumbing, electrical).

Bill Sallade, Certified Professional Real Estate Inspector
Lic# 10276

How Level is the home you are buying? 

Would you like to know?

Let us perform an elevation survey for you so you can see visually and document the levelness of the foundation on the day of inspection!

New Construction:


Phase 1: Before the concrete is poured.

Phase 2: Before insulation and before brick

Phase 3: When the home is complete and before your builder walk-through.

11 month inspections: to check the home before the 1 year warranty expires.